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      1. galvanized chain link fence

        Product Name: galvanized chain link fence

        Model NO: NF-CLF-02

        Product Description :

        chain link material:galvanized and pvc coated, hole size:25mm-100mm, wire diameter:1.2mm-4.0mm


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        • Packing

        chain link fencing wire material :

        Made of quality low-carbon steel wire,galvanized steel wire, iron wire and so on.


        chain link fencing weaving and characteristics:

        The mesh is even in size and smooth in surface;

        The weaving is simple, artistic and practical;

        The wire is thicker with high quality, corrosion-resisting, long life uses and strong practicability.

        such products are easy to work,bright color ,and easy to maintain .they are the head choose for beautifying the city environment.


        simply state the process of chain link fencing wire:

        1. Using the development machinery to make surface treatment finished low carbon steel wire into per-forming form, then linking them together.

        2. The edge of the link chain fence :It is divided into two types. One type is a twisted one. 

        Using special tools to make the edge heming or twisting. The hemed edge is more popular compared with the twisted edge. Customers can choose to their own needs.

        3. The construction of chain link fence: we use the advanced machines to make the roll diameter of chain link fence into the smallest one, in order to save transportation costs by saving volume.


        the rolls ended with jute


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