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      1. common nails

        Product Name: common nails

        Model NO: NF-CN-1

        Product Description :

        Common wire nails High quility Timely delivery Length: 1"-6" Size: BWG16-BWG5


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        • Type
        • Specifications
        • Packing

        common wire nails :

        Smooth, round and straight shank with diameter varies from 16BWG to 5BWG. 

        packing method:
        A. 16boxes in one carton; 
        B. Net weight 20-25kgs/carton without poly bags or inner boxes; 
        C. 4.9kgs/inner box, 8 boxes/carton; 
        D. 4.9/poly bag, 25 bags/carton. 

        Or according to your requirements

        Common wire nail
        specification 16BWG× 1″ 14BWG× 1.5″ 13BWG× 1.75″
        12BWG× 2″ 11BWG× 2.5″ 10BWG× 3″
        8BWG× 4″ 7BWG× 5″ 5BWG× 6″


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