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      1. broiler chicken cage

        Product Name: broiler chicken cage

        Model NO: NF-CM-001

        Product Description :

        1.Galvanized low carbon steel 2.Feeding as much 96 chickens 3.Reasonable space 4.Science cage degree 5.Long use life


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        1.Easy to install

        2.Best cost Performance

        3.Better quantity to prevent the rust

        4.High quality galvanized low carbon steel wire chicken layer cage





        2.One cage divided into 2 cells , feed quantity :10-12pcs

        3.One set feeding quantity  :30-36 chickens

        4.Wire diameter :2.8mm

        5.Surface treatment :Electro- galvanized

        6.One set including :3 cages,3water pipe, 3 feed trough ,18 water nipples ,1 frame , water box 




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