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      1. Galvanized Holland Wire Mesh

        Product Name: Galvanized Holland Wire Mesh

        Model NO: GH--001

        Product Description :

        Weave Wire Security Fencing 1.Material:Carbon Steel Wire 2.PVC Coated,Powder Coated 3.For Building,Road,Garden etc. ISO9001


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        1.Material:Low carbon wire (high quality wire)

        2.Surface Treatment:hot dipped galvanized,cold gal, pvc or powder coated

        3.Custom products and standard

        4.Packing is roll for easy intallation

        5.More color to choose:black, green, blue etc



        1.Construction sites and private properties.

        2.Residential housing sites and public restriction.

        3.Welded fence for resident, school, universities and community areas.


        4.Many other uses.






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