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      1. Galvanized Gabion Basket

        Product Name: Galvanized Gabion Basket

        Model NO: NF-GB-01

        Product Description : 1.Galvanized or pvc 2.Width:1m-3m 3.Length:10m,15m 4.Wire diameter:2.7mm-3.0mm 5.Solid and strong


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        Galvanized Gabion Basket

        Custom products& standard

        PVC coated with UV stabilizer

        Provide any size

        Available in 5 finishes:Galvanized steel and PVC coated ,High zinc-aluminium alloy


        Gabions are divided into cells with diaphragms(usually spaced at 1 meter or 3' intervals),whose function is to reinforce the structure. The mesh(except for diaphragms )is reinforced on all edges with wires of a larger diameter to strengthen the gabions and facilitate the assembly and installation.



         On pallet or as your request 


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