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      1. Construction Net

        Product Name: Construction Net

        Model NO: NF-CN-02

        Product Description :

        1.Material:HDPE 2.Length:5m-200m 3.Width:1.5m-6m 4.Color:Blue.Green,etc 5.Density:60-300g/m2


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        Product Description


        High quality with UV stabilized Polyethylene or fire retardanrt

        Knitted eyelet holes along the edges and down the middle section for ease of use or aluminum eyelets with ropes or not.

        Available in Blue,Green and Black.Also available in Yellow or Orange.


         It helps to protect pedestrains,construction workers and vehicles from falling.

        It extensively used in the garden or allotments to allotments to protect plants againsr birds and vermin,

        The packing methods is with plastic bags outside or with packing belt.



        Edge Treatment


        Sheets are usually packed with packing belt in 5pcs,10pcs or 20pcs/bundle; rolls are usually packaged in 50,100 or 200m/roll,outside with plastis bags


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