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      1. Aluminium Mesh

        Product Name: Aluminium Mesh

        Model NO: NF-WS08

        Product Description : 1.Material:Aluminium or Iron plate,2.Punching and Drawing,3.Surface:Galvanized or PVC coated or Oxidized


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        Material:aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel, nickel, titanium, brass and other metal materials.

        Process:punching and drawing 
        Hole shape:rhombic shape,hexagonal shape, flattened, diamond, square hole, scale hole   
        Feature:artistic and tasteful,durable and good ventilation 
        Surface treatment:galvanized; PVC coated; flattened; oxidized; special treatment according to customers’ requirements.
        1. It can be used as  security window
        2. We can provide aluminium grille with good quality and competitive price
        3. We can provide different sizes and surface treatment according to customers' requirement




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