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      1. 0.3mm Galvanized Spool Wire

        Product Name: 0.3mm Galvanized Spool Wire

        Model NO: NF-GW-003

        Product Description :

        1. Material: High quality low carbon steel wire 2. Diameter: 0.5mm-4.5mm 3. Zinc Coating:50-200g or as customer's request 4. Tensile Strength: 300-600MPA


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         1. Specifications of  Galvanized Spool Wire : 

        Wire Diameter:0.20mm--5.0mm

        classification :eletro galvanized iron wire, Hot-dipped galvanized iron wire

         Zinc Coating :7g-18g/mm2 or 40g-350g/mm2 

        Technique:  Galvanized

        Wire Gauge: 8#--24#

        Delivery Time:15-20days

        Packing:in coil plastic inside and woven bag outside ,

        on spool ,4/6/9 spoolds put into one carton or as customers request.

         2. Features of  Galvanized Spool Wire 


        1) Surface of  galvanized iron wire is soft, neat, clean and rust-resisting.

        2) The raw Materials of galvanized wire  is superior mild steel wire rod.

        3) Good stretching resistance  

        4) The prefect process made the galvanized iron wire anticorrosive and rust-resisting.


        3. Applications of  Galvanized Spool Wire :  

         Galvanized  iron wire  is mainly used in buiding and construction as binding wire, tie wire and baling wire.

        4.Process of  Galvanized Spool Wire  


        Electro Galvanized Iron Wire


        Processing with low carbon steel wire, through drawing and electric galvanizing 

        Electric galvanized iron wire uses in weaving of wire mesh, fencing for expressway and construction


        Hot-Dip Zinc-Plating Iron Wire

         Processing by drawing, hot-dip zinc-plating

         Thick zinc-coating layer Super in corrosion resistance Firm coating layer Custom size available



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